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Go Go in a name of the dance style in which a dancer is not supposed to get undressed. To be more specific, it is numerous dance styles combined into one. You can see Go Go dancers  on professional stages in the best night clubs in the world, during presentations and different parties. The dancers enjoy rhythm and improvise. They feel very confident and effectively  move under various musical compositions.

Special features of a Go Go dance:
The main goal of the dancers is to entertain the public, make them move to the rhythm and have fun.
The main features of this dance are:
Dancers perform GoGo on special pedestals, for example, behind a bar counter.
There is no definite number of moves, just a stretch of imagination and lack of boundaries.
Numerous dance moves and techniques are combined, from house-dance to disco.
Dancers wear eye-catching  and bright outfits which fit tightly and attract.
There is no any sequence of moves or a thoughtful structure; all depends on the will of the performer and rhythm of music.
Moves are energetic and smooth, seductive and exciting.
GoGo dance can be performed by either one or a group of dancers. When do we order GoGo?

We order GoGo for various events, from presentations of business companies to corporate parties, from bachelor parties or bridal showers to birthday parties. Presence of GoGo dancers will be suitable for any event where it is necessary to create an atmosphere of fun and entertainment.