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Erotic Show

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Erotic Show is a real pleasure for eyes and a soul. Such performance combines beautiful dancing and acting skills. Participants of a show demonstrate natural plastique and provocative movements.

During the performance different stage requisites can be used. Among them are a pole, bath -tub, semi-sphere, chains, lashes, BDSM attributes and others. RodionShow will fascinate many of you. You will be delighted to see a play of muscles and bulging body shapes of each dancer and their flirtation with the audience.
With the help of sexual dressing participants of the erotic show may emphasize advantages of their bodies.
Such performance may be various. Fans of humor may like comic theatrical performance. In such show  seductive movements are combined with the funny ones. A love story or drama, in their turn, will delight the romantics.

Experienced  artists will demonstrate the audience their pain, feelings, excitement and lure. To be a participant of an erotic show it is not enough to be just a professional dancer as performance is not supposed to be vulgar but piquant. Unique costumes, thoughtful storyline, beauty of the bodies will get attention of many   aesthetes and will elate them!